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Zoning Board 

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) typically meets every second Wednesday of the month (as needed)

In general, the ZBA is the body established, with the purpose and authority to hear and decide most appeals from and to review any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Building Inspector or any other officer, official or board charged with enforcement of the Zoning Law of the Village.

There are two types of appeals to the ZBA:

Interpretations of the Zoning Law – The ZBA may only be asked to interpret the law AFTER an administrative official has made a decision. The individual appealing a decision may believe that the administrative official was wrong in either issuing or not issuing the permit, or the individual may believe they were incorrectly cited for violating the Zoning law.

Request for a Variance – The ZBA has the power to issue variances from the Zoning law. There are two types of variances: use and area. State law provide the ZBA with the authority to grant variances if the applicant can show that the applicable zoning regulations and restrictions have caused unnecessary hardship.  The authority to grant use and area appeals is governed by Chapter 275 of Village Code.

Craig Padover - Chairperson
Gordon Crane (alternate)
Andrew Curto

Daniel Freidlin
Richard Gabbay
Ali Levine (alternate)
Peter Toscano (alternate)

Dean Woodhouse

Board Members



June 12th meeting is canceled. 

Next meeting is July 10th.

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