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There are, for maintenance purposes, different classes of roads as follows:

Village Roads (maintained by the Village)
Beech Street
Church Street
Club Court Dogwood Avenue
Eden Way
Engineers Road
Fairway Court
Fairway Road
Harbor Court East
Harbor Court West
Harbor Lane
Lorraine Court
Mary Lane
Montrose Drive
Motts Cove Road North
Motts Cove Road South
Post Drive
Shaun Ridge
Spruce Street
Summit Avenue
Union Street  (an unimproved way)
Vine Street    (from Walnut to Scudders)

Private Roads  (maintained by private property owners)
Egil Court
Montrose Court
Murel Court
Sierks Lane

County Roads (maintained by Nassau County)
Back Road
Bryant Avenue
Cody Avenue
Glen Cove Avenue
Glenwood Road
Grove Street
Scudders Lane

State Road (maintained by New York State)
Glen Cove Road

The Town maintains the roads for Osborne Lane, Willow Place, Lloyd Street, West Street and Roosevelt Avenue. 

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