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All dogs are required to be licensed and identified.  Procedures for licensing dogs are available from the Town in which you reside and not the Village.  A county police officer, village code official or township animal control officer may issue a citation for any matter where a dog is being a nuisance or is unrestrained.  

  • The Village of Roslyn Harbor has a Dog Warden agreement with the Town of Oyster Bay. Please contact them if you need to impound and shelter a dog.  (516) 677-5784
  • A dog that barks or howls continuously outdoors for more than 15 minutes may constitute a violation of the Noise Code.
  • Plastic bags with dog waste should not be tossed into storm water catch basins.   Please dispose of all bagged waste in your own garbage receptacle.


The Eastern coyote is firmly established in New York and are an integral part of our ecosystems.  While most coyotes avoid interacting with people, some coyotes in suburbia become emboldened and appear to have lost their fear of people. Unintentional food sources attract coyotes and other wildlife, as well as increase risks to people and pets. 
Coyotes in residential areas can be attracted to human-created sources of food (i.e.: garbage or pet food) and begin to associate people with these food attractants. Below are steps you should take to reduce and prevent coyote problems from occurring.
  1. Do not allow coyotes to approach people, children, or pets. 
  2. If you see a coyote, be aggressive in your behavior-stand tall and hold arms out to look large. If a coyote lingers for too long, then make loud noises and wave your arms.
  3. Teach children to appreciate coyotes from a distance; Children are a greatest risk of being injured. If a coyote has been observed repeatedly near an area where children frequent, be watchful.
  4. Do not feed coyotes and discourage others from doing so.
  5. Do not feed pets outside and eliminate availability of bird seed. Concentrations of birds and rodents that come to feeders can attract coyotes. 
  6. Make any garbage inaccessible to coyotes and other animals.
  7. Do not allow pets to run free where coyotes frequent. Supervise all outdoor pets to keep them safe from coyotes and other wildlife, especially at sunset and at night. 
  8. Remove brush and tall grass from around your property to reduce protective cover for coyotes. Coyotes are typically secretive and like areas where they can hide. 
Click here to review the New York State Coyote Incident Standard Operating Procedures. Be alert of your surroundings and take precautions. 
NOTE** Contact your local police department and DEC regional office for assistance if you notice that coyotes are exhibiting “bold” behaviors and have little or no fear of people. NYSDEC Wildlife Conservation Office: (631) 444-0200
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